Week 1: Delke’s first days in jail

Andrew R. Delke was formally booked into the Nashville / Davidson County Jail on July 2nd at 10:48 a.m. Records indicate he is 5′ 10″, and weighs 185 pounds. His eyes are hazel, his hair is brown, and he was born on July 23rd, 1993, making him 27 years old. His property receipt indicates he came in with the clothes he was wearing, a tie, a belt, and a ring on his finger. He carried $400 in cash with him into booking.

He has been classified as ‘Administrative Segregation’ due to his status as a now-former Metro Nashville police officer.

He has access to general calls and general video visitation, and he’s attempted to make five calls, but all five were incomplete. We’ll detail those calls below, and who they were to.

You can see complete details here. Delke completed the enrollment to use the phone system at 12:46 p.m. on July 2nd, the day he was booked. That process took approximately 4 minutes. From his medical cell, where he was housed for the initial days of his sentence, he then attempted to make four more calls, all to his wife on July 4th. The first at 10:20 a.m., then 10:27 a.m., 11:43 a.m., and again at 11:48 a.m. Concerned that he was unable to reach his wife, he was allowed out of his cell at 12:52 p.m. and escorted to his case manager’s office so he could attempt to call from his desk phone.

There are four case notes for Delke that were entered during his first week as an inmate. The first two are were from his case manger, during which he received a calling card with a small value loaded on it, and was given instructions on how to log onto the tablet and to make sure he had his phone PIN.

Clergy staff made two additional entries into the case notes, which are detailed below. The first was on July 2nd, and reads:

“Chaplain met with offender in intake. Introduced myself and discussed whether he had an religious affiliation? He stated that he is Catholic but hasn’t recently practiced. Additionally, says that he is a Christian. Advised of chaplain services and asked him if he could think of anything that we could do for him, and he requested a bible. Fulfilled bible and took to 3-MED Unit where he will be housed over the weekend. Lastly, advised that I would check in with him over the weekend (discussed with Chief Joseph).”

Chaplain Clay 7/2/2021

The second entry from the Clergy reads:

“Chaplain visited offender to discuss his houghts and whether anything was needed to assist him in his spiritual journey after previous discussion with Chief Joseph. Offender discussed attempting to call his wife and not being able to speak with her and that he was told he’d be able to try later. Further discussed his initial time in custody and told him that things would be slow through the holiday weekend but would speed up starting Tuesday when everyone returned from the holiday. Discussed life and gave encouragement regarding his walking in his faith (he identifies as Catholic/Christian) and that he will make through this trying time by holding onto the faith he professes. Asked whether there was anything I could provide him and after telling him what was availbale, agreed upon a Jesus Calling Devotional. Went back to office and retrieved the devotional and took it back to him.”

Chaplain Clay 7/4/2021

On Saturday, July 3rd, wellness checks show that Delke slept until 10 a.m., at which time he awoke for medication. At the 10:47 a.m. check, he was found up, awake, and fully dressed in his DCSO inmate uniform while brushing his teeth at the sink. He had used the first set of towels to clean his cell, so they were replaced with a fresh set for him at 11 a.m.

He has a cup in his cell and is able to drink water from the sink as he wants it, and was issued a jail tablet upon his arrival. He’s already been using it to listen to music and play games, according to activity reports. He reads his tablet and bible until falling asleep and then wakes up for food trays and medicine passes.

Once he completes the standard observation period he will be moved to the DDC Restrictive Housing Unit (RHU). His cell will be 16 feet deep, and 8 feet wide. He will be confined to the cell 22 hours a day and will have recreation time alone. He will remain at the DCSO facility throughout his entire sentence.

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    1. He needs to be free because Hambrick made the choice to commit multiple felonies and get out of the car with a handgun in his hand. #FreeDelke

      1. You wasn’t there you should not be killed because you have felonies this was a dumb ass statement what it was one of your family members burn in hell ignorant bitch

  1. That’s a pretty big cell for 1 person. Not like the ones I’ve ever had. There usually half that size if not more. Send him to prison where he belongs like anybody else that would be going for committing a crime

    1. There is major consequences when you commit such an Unlawful crime. Officer or not you bleed like EVERYBODY ELSE, So once you commit a crime you should be treated like EVERYBODY ELSE . #Hambricks family have to live with this tragic incident for the rest of their lives and so should YOU. It stated that your a Christian . I find it funny. But if you want to get technical “Mr. Christian”.
      Exodus 21:12 “ Whoever strikes a man so that he dies , shall be put to death”
      Genesis 9:6 “ Whoever sheds the blood of a man , by man shall his blood be shed , for GOD made man in his own image”.

  2. Gone & put him in general population , he won’t last & the MFs know it that’s why they protecting his coward ass

  3. He should’ve never been found guilty. I hope his time goes by quick for him. I can honestly say he’s one person incarcerated that doesn’t deserve to be.

  4. need to be UNDER THE JAIL ❗& he better watch his back at all times while they got him in a cell by himself & isolation cause its gonna get ugly ..

  5. Dam they treating dis mfer as if he’s in a dam hotel wtf he deserves life u anit nothing but a weak ass coward for shutting that young man in the bk n head n buttock ur weak bro

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